Announcing Tickers

June 6, 2017

For months I’ve been watching the Bitcoin markets tick-by-tick on a pared-down charting interface. Today, I’m releasing this experience to everyone as Tickers.

With Tickers, you can see real-time trades from dozens of exchanges all on one chart. Never miss a moment of the wild Bitcoin markets!

Tickers Preview

Global Currencies

Tickers includes many price feeds of Bitcon trading against non-US Dollar currencies. These trades are converted to USD equivalent values according to the going FX rates from Open Exchange Rates.

One of the most interesting things about plotting many markets on one chart is the currency-specific groupings that develop. For instance, many of the CNY exchanges will cluster either higher or lower than the USD exchanges. These trends could indicate a change in local cultural psychology or a regulatory action, such as one country limiting fiat withdrawals.


The most obvious feature of Tickers is the short timeframe: the maximum available is six hours of tick data. The tightest view plots data at one second per pixel.

With so many markets, there are sure to be outliers. So you can disable a market by clicking on its label in the left-hand listing.

I hope you enjoy using Tickers as much as I have! Let me know how I can make it better.

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